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Why Did I Create This Book?

Because, quite frankly, I just want to help. I know how hard it is to work on spirituality outside of religion. It is so easy to get stuck, let alone consistently improving with the world giving you so many daily distractions!

I wish I had known about
"Religion? Been There. Done That.
(Discovering the Map of Your Spiritual Journey)"
four decades ago!

It surely would have saved me a lot of frustrated religious experiences, when I didn't think that I could ever find a path that worked for me!

So if you're struggling with your spiritual journey, or if you're worried about ever reaching your highest spiritual potential, or if you need innovative ways to break through the walls of religious intolerance, and especially if you would love to get to that level where OTHERS want to learn from you...

Then keep reading... because you're about to find a solution! But first, I want to share my personal story that all started four decades ago...

Find Out How A Religious Rebel
Spent Over 30 Years
Exploring Literally Over 2 Dozen Religions,
4 Seminaries, And Ended Up In the
"Spiritual But Not Religious" Space and
Created The Map of the Journey Of the Soul!

Steve Benkin

I was raised in a Jewish houshold, but never learned any faith.

When I was eight years old, my parents put me in religious education.

But nothing came of it. .

By the time I became a teenager, I was "done" with religion!

Then one day, something happened and I KNEW God was real! 

So I searched for a religion that spoke to me and ended up in Christianity. I ended up exploring 12 different Christian denominations!

I went to multiple seminaries, was aceing my courses, and then "it" happened.

My view of God completely changed.

I started a long search for different ways to understand who this "God" was. 

Islam. Hinduism. Taoism. Buddhism. Bhai'sm. Jainism.

Sikism. Mormonism. Paganism. New Thoughtism. New Ageism. 



What did all this mean? What was God trying to tell me?

My spiritual journey was too difficult. I got tired of all the fighting between all the religions, where each religion felt they were superior to the others. I got tired of meditating and chanting. After a while I gave up focusing on my path.

Over the years, I picked up focusing on my faith again and tried to figure it on my own.  The books I read, seminaries and seminars I attended just got me confused and frustrated.

There HAD to be a better way!

I eventually ended up in the "spiritual but not religious" community, belonging to no religion, and became an ordained interfaith minister.

I kept practicing and learning from others. But learning was a painfully slow process for me.

I looked back on my journals and saw patterns in my spiritual journey.

Before I knew it a "map" of my journey developed.

Everyone I showed this "map" to said it spoke to them. As I explained how this "map" helps us understand how we progress in our path, people kept nodding their heads.

And everyone got new insights into their journey and how to appreciate all religions.

I ended up teaching this "map" in a local meetup course. 

Steve Benkin

Eventually, I had the knowledge and wisdom to understand how to progress in my spiritual faith.    

But it took me forty five years to get to this point.

Why did it take me so long?

Because..I had to learn everything on my own!

I don’t want ANYONE to go through all the pain, suffering and YEARS it took me to get to where I am in my spiritual journey!

So I decided…

Why Not Make The Ability To
Learn How To Progress Spirituality And Overcome Religious Intolerance Available To Everyone!!!

That’s why I created my book "Religion? Been There. Done That. (Discovering the Map of Your Spiritual Journey!)" so I could tell everyone that there is another option (much better, in my opinion!) for people to master their spiritual progression and break down the walls of religious intolerance!

Find out how you can reach your highest spiritual attainment with your "Religion? Been There. Done That. (Discovering the Map of Your Spiritual Journey!)" today! 

The original price of the book was to be $29.97.

Right now, I am offering the book for a discount of $19.97! 

That is a savings of $10!

33% discount!


So what are you waiting for? Don't miss out!

What Secrets Do I Reveal In My Book?

The jaw-dropping difference between religion and spirituality!
The surprising place where religion and spirituality meet!
The "good" secrets about yourself that you hide!
The shocking truth about what year we just entered!
The powerful way you view yourself, God, others and the world!
The profound shifts that happen when you progress spirituality!
The astonishing source of all conflicts!
The powerful rules of the "Map!"

Funny, insightful, sometimes challenging and always thought-provoking, Religion? Been There. Done That offers a fresh take on spiritual growth for the seeker who wants to move past the superficialities of traditional religious practice to a more intimate relationship with the Divine. Those who struggle with their own beliefs can learn from author Steven R. Benkin's passionate quest to establish an authentic and sustainable connection with the Sacred. Whatever your religious views, Religion? Been There. Done That will dare you to take them to a deeper, more personal dimension. Read this book - you will not come away unchanged.

Lauren M. Bloom, author of Art of the Apology: How, When and Why to Give and Accept Apologies

What Other Secrets Do I Reveal In My Book?

The astonishing differences between prayers and meditation!
The secret desire that drives you forward in your journey!
The extreme influence of the religion of your caregivers!
The secret benefit of non-belief!
The power of doubt!
The four steps to spiritual growth revealed!
The astounding single instinct of humanity!
The mind games we play with ourselves revealed!

Religion? Been There. Done That is a must read for anyone on the spiritual journey. If you would like to know where you've been and where you're going, the 'map' that Rev. Benkin has created will not only help you find your place in your spiritual evolution but also will provide guidance for the next steps. Evocative, original and humorous, this book provides many meaningful insights for the millions who have had an on-again-off-again relationship with religion in their quest for spirituality. This book is destined to become a classic in the literature of the spiritual-but-not-religious movement.

Rev. Fr. John Yoegel, PhD, Interfaith Minister, Dean of the New Seminary for Interfaith Studies

What Other Secrets Do I Reveal In My Book?

The smokin’ ways schisms are created!
The explosive secret danger of focusing on ethics!
The one simple change you can make that will take your prayer life to a higher dimension!
The hidden dangers of believing that “all religions teach the same thing!”
The jaw-dropping relationship between spirituality and atheism!
The astounding new definition of a myth! 
The mysterious link between Frankenstein, toothless grandmas and Mysticism!
The mind-blowing possibility of going beyond religion, WITHIN religion!

a book that will no doubt be considered one of the best experiential and thought-provoking 'maps' describing our collective spiritual journey. Readers who consider themselves more spiritual than religious and/or spiritual but not religious will gain considerable insights into their own search for the answers for their spiritual growth. Denominational sparring, doctrinal differences, parochial biases and dogmatic fences will all become non-issues. Reverend Benkin takes readers on an extraordinary experiential journey of spiritual awakening that will resonate as a tantalizingly familiar journey as their own. His knowledge of many of the nuances of the world's religions, coupled with his delightful humor, makes this 'map' of our collective spiritual journey an enjoyable, but deeply spiritual, read.

Rev. Bil Holton Phd, Rev. Cher Holton PhD, authors of The New Metaphysical Versions of the 4 Gospels

…and more well-guarded secrets for starting to learn how to progress spirituality!

Now everything depends on what you do next.

I believe that next month... six months from now... a year from now... and for the rest of your life you'll look back on this moment as the defining turning point in your life.

But only if you claim your book (with the discount!) and read it!

I wish I knew about "Religion? Been There. Done That." four decades ago! Don't make the same mistake I did and waste precious time by trying to learn this stuff by yourself! If you put this off, if you say you'll think about it... it may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, but with absolute certainty, if you wait: you will miss out on this opportunity to discover the best spiritual progression guide that you could possibly ever have.

I know without a shadow of a doubt you'll do the right thing.

Next week, you don't want to regret your decision to not get your book at a discount. No way! Instead, you want to be excitedly checking your mailbox for your book! You have nothing to lose here - but I bet you sure would like to start progressing in your spiritual path NOW! Don't miss out on this chance to find out how you can learn to reach your highest spiritual attainment and make all your friends come to you for advice!

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